Another Road Taken

As this week comes to a close and I reflect back on just the handful days that have passed, it truly lays into me the weight of a single moment and how much can change. I'd like to believe that I function against the grain of the majority in the sense that I don't spend five days waiting to live two, I genuinely do appreciate and love what I have in my life, and generally don't require the affirmation of others in order to garner a sense of self worth. But i'd be lying if I didn't admit that this past week didn't shake me up.

This past weekend I had a serious event occur, and the reality of everyday life and routine "matters" immediately dropped hanging onto the sliver of what will happen next. With recent news that there is a hope and only time can tell the rest, suddenly the hours and minutes of each day that usually fly by, slowed and stirred to a viscous and undecipherable muddle. I found myself lost within time and not really keeping track of the hours passed but more so focusing on what needed to be done. Though throughout this week of finals, work projects and family matters, none of it really was about me. It was about being there for my family, and for once I felt utterly useless, unable to offer consolation, fix anything or even efficiently be there to make things better. In truth when parts of my life fall to a slump or appear irreparable, I tend call upon those closest to me and know me best.

Lately, I've been keeping and working at things internally and relying on my own tenacity to pull through. I have no doubt that those that care for me will always be there, but I think this is one of those times where It's almost harder to explain to someone else what's going on, than to just face things on my own.

I don't want to leave things on such a dismal note, because in many regards this week has been as rewarding as it has been emotionally painstaking. Though I've been working late, partnering with the CFO to find a new Sales and Marketing rep, working to launch 2 new e-commerce sites, writing like crazy to complete articles and final papers, and tending to personal matters, I finally feel this road taken is finally one that will lead to a glorious path.

I keep hearing that the unemployment rate is at a jarring 10.2 percent, but like I told an applicant yesterday, those that are sharks and stand above the rest don't remain a part of that economical statistic for long. I'm a true believer in sticking to your guns, finding the job that you love, and really pushing to do what's best for you. There is a reason why some of the greatest success stories include failures, innovative ideas, hard work, and smarter decisions. It is a reality that not everyone is made to hunt the waters and swim their own ways, but the topic begs the question of how much are you willing to fight to get what you want, and what are you willing to give up. Surround yourself with positive influences, always look to be inspire and be inspired, maintain focus, and accept that not everyone will support you, understand you, or stand by you and that's ok, because when you're on that road, it's your own two feet that's doing the walking.

I'm a victim of wanting to do everything, and not always having the sources or time to do so efficiently. I have some hefty decision making on what I'm going to focus on, and what I may need to let go.

My favorite quote will always be from the mr. mogul himself Diddy..

"If you can't see the forest through the trees, chop em motherf*ckers down."

so here we have Rock Lee, one of my favorite characters from my new found classic comic "Naruto" (for those laughing you have no idea the story is so epic), who is the genius of hard work and perseverance. Bring it! :P

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