dirty laundry, guilty pleasures, the makings of a great night.

I actually haven't been blogging as much lately, and that could be due to either a lack of things to say, or not much time to say them. My life lately has been mostly work, starting classes again, and some travels mixed in with a lot of gaming.

In reviewing my interests, I always find myself in this conundrum of a mixture of conflicting ingredients. I guess certain boxes, male or female, include certain interests that don't intermingle, and I somehow don't fit into one particular box. I like it this way. There's one side of me that is incredibly feminine, I love getting dressed up, I have an intense appreciation for fashion and art, and enjoy shopping or swooning to cheesy books like Twilight. Then there's the other side of me, the avid gamer, car enthusiast, that loves football, reads comic books/manga, MMA/UFC, doesn't really ever brush her hair, collects toys (nerf guns, transformers, street fighter, etc), and loves spending the day working on my pc upgrading parts or fiddling with electronics. I grew up a tom boy playing sports, so it's absolutely normal to me to go shopping for a purse or shoes, and then head to the batting cages or spend the night getting worked in SF4 (Street fighter 4). haha Yes I will openly admit I've been getting worked, for some reason I lost everything from playing it as a kid. Time to re-train.

So what does all this mean? Honestly nothing, but here's my rant and it's an expression of frustrations from many misconceptions I've received. Although there is a universal truth that none of us can evade being judged or making pre-disposed judgements on others, it never fails to astound me what comes out of the mouth of some individuals. Here are a few scenarios to serve as examples as to how dense people can be, the kicker is that these comments and thoughts sometimes appear from those that know me or were acquaintances.

Scenario 1 - The man who thinks women who shop are dense.
I had the pleasure (and I use this word loosely) in developing a semi-friendship with one of my friend's now ex bf. There was an email chain where in my signature I had a quote from Gandhi, and somehow the conversation turned into him basically saying that he figured "a girl like me would only know shoes and purses and wouldn't really know who Gandhi was." Flabbergasted and stunned I retaliated by saying that his love for quoting philosophers such as Nietzsche was just because of a lack of creativity on words of his own. Don't get me wrong he was a nice sharp man, but pretty closed and quick to make assumptions.

Scenario 2 - Are you for real?
This by far is my biggest pet peeve. Often times when I find myself having common interests and engaged in a conversation about football, cars, comics, mma, or etc... the immediate conversation killer is when a guy says "so you into all this because your boyfriend is?" At the point when these words exit someones mouth, I'm always debating whether to punch the person or kick them in the knees. One because another pet peeve of mine is people that lose themselves in a relationship. Anyone who's ever been to my house, or spent a sunday with me, or played/watched a game with me knows it's quite for real (my interests). So it irritates me to no end when guys think that girls can't be interested in sports or play games without a boyfriend influence.

Scenario 3 - You're too much of a boy.
I never get this criticism from men, only women. There has been moments throughout my life where I've honestly been told that I shouldn't be such a tomboy otherwise no man will ever want to date me. Again, these are another sequence of thoughts that have left me astonished in disbelief. One because why anyone would change themselves for the sake of a relationship is beyond me, and secondly WHO CARES? I truly think that the reason so many people in relationships are so miserable is because they fail to accept eachother completely. Live and let live people!

So there you have it.. a blog inspired by cleaning my desk. I'm off to bed, and wish everyone a very Happy Easter! Here's my desk the cleanest it's been in a very long time.

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