Making Changes, Hard Knocks, and Frequent Excuses.


Hello hello all.
I think like most creative people, I'm a late dweller. Since I have trouble sleeping at night, most of my thoughts, inspirations, and actualizations happen late in the evening when I'm trying to go to sleep. So I may adjust my writing times, since I'm doomed to late night expressions. My first efforts will be in laying thoughts down more frequently. My issue is that every thing I write, I always strive to make into this epic piece that is either inspirational, or revealing towards a subject or myself. I figure if you don't have anything profound to say why bother speaking right? Wrong! Like anything writing things down is good practice, it's good for sorting and reflection.

My theme for this blog is change, not on a global scale, but on a personal one. For quite some time now, many friends, collegues, and associates have become victim to this economy. It seems like every corner I turn, there's news about the recession, bailouts and struggles galore. Believe me just in December, I was in a position looking for work as well. All of this had me questioning, are we all really victims of circumstance, and at some point when do the excuses stop and actions begin. I remember when I was laid off this past December, right before Christmas, I felt what everyone in my position felt, fear, insecurity, and questions of survival. There were two things I knew for sure though, 1) I refused to be another economical statistic and 2) at some point we have to stop playing victim, take initiative and make the changes we want in our lives.

The topic of taking charge and making changes stems beyond current economical conditions and really applies to almost every aspect in life. I encounter people everyday that are unhappy with their jobs, want to lose ten pounds, learn a new hobby, or take time to travel. The typical excuses include, I'm busy, It's hard, I have a relationship/family/obligations.. etc etc. I've come to find that no matter what the reason/excuse may be, time or commitments, if we really wanted to do something, we would do it. This also applies to those in relationships, no matter how busy your S.O may be, if they really wanted to spend time with you, they would make the time. We all just get comfortable in our situations and allow too much time to pass before getting up and taking action.

I do this myself, when it comes to the professional aspect of my life, I'll send out a hundred resumes a day, network to no end, work endless hours, and for go sleep to get ahead, especially since I love my line of work. But when it comes to everything else like working out, taking time to do personal artwork, or academics, I apply mainly what's necessary.

People in general need to take more initiative and not just rely on inspirational posters to spark the desire for change. I think my biggest pet peeve is so many people only really live 1/3 of their lives, basically spending 5 days of the week pining and waiting for the weekend.

We all have the capability to make things happen and move mountains, all the rest relies on how hungry we are. Hey if moguls like p.diddy can run multiple empires, have a family and still work out and tweet, anything's possible.

The image above is from one of my favorite artists, Peter "Hejz" Jaworowski, one of my goals is to focus more on making great art and becoming as amazing as he is.

Remember there's a huge difference between simply being alive and actually living!

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