Life, Love and Kicking off the Summer

Before starting anything I wanted to say Transformers 2 kicked ass and I have a few qualms such as Devastator (like venom in spiderman, dark phoenix in x-men) DESERVED SOO MUCH MORE than to just be given the role of a pyramid basher. Ravage omg! awsm... but would have loved to see soundwave in action rather than just mounting a satellite the whole movie. Oh and Arcee, true to a T, useless and week but cool looking :P I will play with my toys and my masterpiece grimlock. Btw wtf.. why did Jetfire have to be old. /rant

Once again I let many weeks pass before writing and laying thoughts down. There's always a positive to this though, which is that it gives me time to look at things over a duration and reflect on the collective rather than general specific instances which may mean the world one day but seem so petty on the next. I think depending on the situation day or hour, I tend to keep most things of my life vague and only leave enough so that If I re-read my entry, only I could understand what any of the words mean. Other times, like having a conversation with a friend, it's a healthy experience to watch emotions and thoughts translate to text.

This past month I finally finished with my quarter, got great grades, been busy with work (in fact i'll be working tonight doing design work, and this weekend on the company's marketing, PR and branding), started yoga, rock climbing and am consistently going to the batting cages (which I love). The whole being active, healthy or even weight loss thing is such a frustrating experience when the main goal is just to lose weight. The scale becomes such a hindering enemy and truthfully I've developed the mindset that even if I see no number change, I'm stronger, feeling good and mostly enjoying everything I'm doing. The best advice I can give which I read in an article is, for the first three months, eat well, live well, be active and forget the scale.

Though things collectively have been averaging out to be going quite well, there has been turmoil as well. Of course right? What would life be without a little drama, disappointments or obstacles. The worst people to quarrel with are your family. What is it about being family that makes distance the best way to get along and love each other. I'll never understand how it works out that strangers and co-workers get more regard, benefit of the doubt and care than family does. We all do it, at some point or another pick fights with siblings, don't hear our parents out, lose patience with our kids and etc. The love is there but the actions are so bizarre. With my current circumstance I do believe that time will heal all and since I genuinely know and have proven that this time I haven't done anything wrong. I'll wait.

Work wise, as mentioned, things have been wonderfully busy. I'm quite grateful to be able to enjoy my profession and on top of that be blessed to have a job during tough times. My freelance work is steady as well. My only quam is that once in a while I reach a point of creative constipation where I absolutely have no ideas, creativity, or vision. Sometimes all it takes is a walk, nap or scouring through art books to garner some inspiration.

My personal life, this is something that I've mostly kept more private, I think for the most part people think one doesn't exist for me, but it does. I'm not going to air dirty laundry or transition into a mode of prose about how wonderful the mr is or how lucky I am because honestly it's not my style and HE should feel lucky haha! Kidding (kind of) What I do want to say is what I've said before which is the happiness and care should be effortless. So many people stay in miserable relationships due to fears of loneliness, or time invested, belief they can change eachother, pre-conceived notions that it's supposed to be hard "work", and etc. Things can be hard, life can be hard, circumstances may be hard, but loving one another in any case should be easy. Everyone spouts how honesty and trust are the two things relationships need but yet hardly any follows. I live by the thought that if you are with someone that you don't trust, or constantly express jealous feelings towards, you're not in the right place. Needless to say I'm happy, it's cool to be able to play games, buy transformers, talk cars, watch football/ufc, laugh with someone and trust that when I make crappy work he'll call me out on my B.S and say so.

My thoughts on life and love, be you and let others be them, if you feel the need to prohibit someone or change someone, let em go. With that, no one needs a relationship to be complete, gotta be able to stand and walk on your own before you can with anyone else. Cheers and Mahalo I can't wait to hit the beach!

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