So... I Won't Back Down


Earlier today my itunes playlist stopped at Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down", so in a moment of Nostalgia, I started thinking back to Superbowl XL II (42), Giants vs New England, and as much as I hate Eli Manning, I hate The Patriots and Brady (due to association) much more. I remember after this Superbowl there was an uproar about how boring the half time show was, and who really wants to hear Tom Petty? I loved the half time show, and it was nice to see a classic artist with such an epic song perform to what was an epic victory. The Dolphins have already set the record for a perfect season, no one needs the Patriots doing the same :)

So my birthmonth is officially over, after nights in L.A, concerts, dinners, Canada, and Disneyland, I can officially say turning 28 was a an awesome experience. I can only hope 29 and 30 will be just as epic. I remember being younger, throughout 12-19yrs old, and watching those older than me (about 25+), thinking wow they are so mature and for lack of better words "old". I also remember having this conversation with my VP of sales about how he remembered saying when he was my age that he'd never conform, but eventually with age you slowly assimilate into the corporate and family routine. At 28 now, and I can assure that since 30 is not too far away, I honestly don't think I'll ever lose my free spirit, thirst for living, or disdain for routine. We all have our paths and the type of lives we wish to live, and whenever I see individuals starting families at a younger age then me, I start thinking I can't imagine doing that at before 20, at 25 or even now at 28. I have a lot of respect and am in awe at mothers, the pain, love, and dedication they go through in caring for their young. I just know for now, and for quite a while, if ever at all, it's not the life I want yet.

Going back to my conversation with my VP of sales, I don't necessarily believe that just because you've succeeded in the corporate life, you've conformed into another lemming, because I truly do have an appreciation and love for the paths of success and swimming in the shark pool. I'm driven by two dominating life forces, a passion for life which is fueled by my carefree spirit and yearning for life experiences, and an ambition for success which is the shark in me, chasing after the scent of blood in the waters. One of my favorite lines is in the lyrics to Garbage's "The World is Not Enough", "There's no point in living if you can't feel the life." The point is that people talk all the time about making the best of things, but the majority end up just floating along, letting things happen, and needing tragic events to make changes.

For now, I've been enjoying finishing up projects, traveling, playing games, UFC and I'm desperately awaiting football season to come. <3

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