The Art(s) of Living


As I get older I start to question the validity of my memories and wonder sometimes if my brain selectively inputs details to events that I prefer to have occurred.  One memory I do clearly remember having, dates back to elementary school. I don't remember the environment but I remember sitting and contemplating my future and what it would entail.  The imagery included me with a phone, a cup of coffee, running all over downtown and insanely multi-tasking out of a briefcase.  This apparently was my impression of success.  Given my definition of success has changed, but remnants of this daydream have remained with me.  I thrive on having a concoction of multiple ingredients brewing in my life at once.

As I reflect on patterns throughout the past few years, summer months are my least eventful (which still include a tonne of activities) and as fall kicks in, so do new ventures and projects.  Between my last quarter in school, work, freelance work and building my personal brand and network, I'm not only developing impeccable time management skills, but also extending my talent for flourishing under pressure. 

With only 7 days into fall i'm right on schedule.  I just started my last quarter of school and the next few months will  include the most ingredients I've ever cooked up.  20 units, work, side projects, freelancing, and most importantly LIVING.

Which brings me to a long overdue project, me :) I have quite a few personal projects that are a work in progress, but my goal is that by the time I graduate a few months from now, everything will be fresh, packaged and cooked to perfection.

I've had this hidden dessert of a blog for quite some time and as I was reading through my old posts trying to find a thread connecting my sporadic thoughts, I realized that amidst all the ingredients, my main dish is to inspire people to live with purpose.  Which is how the "art to living" was derived.  Though we only have a set period of time on this earth, I've come to find that many of us fall into a routine of waiting to live rather than living.  I believe there is an art to living that requires the same discipline and practice that one would apply to any hobby, venture or craft.  Despite sticky situations, bitter flavors or any unpredictable fires that may occur, Sometimes a moment to breath, a little spice and creative intervention is all we need to draw up a new recipe.

In no way am I assuming the position of telling anyone how to live, but instead just hoping to share my ongoing journey and be inspired along the way.

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