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"Give a man a hundred years of life and he'll complete a days work, give him a day to live and he'll accomplish a lifetime of aspirations." ~ Me (Di-Chowmut)

Once in a blue moon I occasionally spew out a collective of words that comprehensively deliver an intentional profound thought. Other times, though what I say may not be quite as thought provoking, will deliver words that are simply reflective and honest. On my usual daily check-in into my social sites, twitter, facebook, and more, I had the pleasant surprise of being @-tweeted by a fellow follower, Imeldamatt who boldly stated "POWER TO THE INDIE BLOGGERS!"

Rather then submersing you into a ten paragraph social commentary on how corporate america has taken over the once "un-formulated" diaries of the internet, let's instead celebrate the "Indie Blogger" and the drafts belonging to individual thoughts and words.

In truth, I never liked referring to those of us that write from day to day as "bloggers" because we're so much more. Aside from publication arms, rigid grammatical laws and a procclaimed title, bloggers, journalists and writers can be thought of as the same breed. We all use the written word and express thoughts, discoveries and experiences through the mark of a pen or stroke of a key.

Rather than having corporate moguls, advertisements and mainstream media be the only outlets of critique and information "indie bloggers" as a collective offer alternative reviews and opinions. Rather than succumbing to the restrictions of print vocabulary and tolerated language, the net allows for us bloggers/writers/editors/journalists to freely express an unedited version of things.

So YES power to the Indie blogger and speak on!

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