End of Summer, Beginnings in Season


It's crazy to me to say that the days of summer are winding down to a close, especially since it's September. I'm not sure why but August always seems like the last month of summertime. Though I'm sad to see my days of travel, beachside fun and epic adventures slow down, I'm incredibly anxious to FINALLY finish up my last quarter at school and embark on fully being a shark in the waters.

Though I am mostly excited about football season finally starting. I've been pining for my eventful Sundays since February. I will be routing for my SD Chargers and my Miami Dolphins. I refuse to admit to being a Baltimore fan, but I will say they won me a few pretty pennies last season. Going 12-4 will do that. One thing I must say about even just pre-season this year and almost like every other year, football has better plotlines and more webbed drama than "The Hills." Let's see if Rivers deserves his 93 million dollar contract and if Chad Pennington can go to playoffs and NOT throw 4 interceptions in 2 quarters. I'm still quite bitter about the latter.

Going back to the topic of school, whether by family or family friends, I often get criticized about why i'm 28 and just now finishing my bachelors degree. I never knew there was a time limit on living life and accomplishing goals, but I guess when you're bound to die, people begin putting limitations and building expectations. The truth is that I took quite some time off of school to, well live life. Whether that meant partying, traveling, working or just exploring, I took time to live, grow up and really be certain what I wanted to do. I think had I followed the master plan, I could have ended up graduating sooner, perhaps wealthier and in a house with something that may resemble assets and a secure bank account. Coulda been a pharmacist or graduated with a business degree, but that's the thing it's a lot of what ifs. I may be late in finishing this un-resolved business of getting a documented piece of paper establishing a form of achievement but one thing is certain, I know what I want and what I don't want. That's one thing I've been good at sticking by which is doing what I want and like and not just what will pay the bills. The positive in finishing school later is that the job experience and knowledge I've garnered outside of school is priceless, the degree is just a Strawberry on top of the cake ( i don't like cherries).

Criticisms, judgements and opinions will always be flung around, and to be forthcoming, I think following the master plan is taking the easy way. Sticking to your guns and doing what you want to do and really knowing yourself, now that takes time and some honest discovery.

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