Floating On.


"Insanity is being shit on, beat down, coasting through life on a miserable existence when you have a caged lion locked inside and the key to release it." ~ Wanted

It's approximately 2:30am and as usually it's been another late night of finishing up work and school projects.  Tonight was a sparkling montage of creativity, narrative storytelling, textual edits and pulling an entire library of Life magazine covers in order to visualize changes in data over the past decades.  But like any other day, it's another task upon a lengthy list of to dos.  Which I'm feeling quite lucky for, because during summer months when things slow down, I tend to go crazy from lack of stimulation.

After wrapping up projects, I was going through some daily reads and came across a jarring stat, California unemployment rate is currently at 12%.  In addition to this, it seems that this percentage does not include people that have recently been dropped from unemployment, or aren't recorded as actively looking for work, which means that we very well could be at anywhere from 17-20% unemployment.

 I can't help but sit and wonder about whether or not two months from now, I'll just end up as another economical statistic, or somehow manage to defy the trend of current times and actually continue ascend to greater things. 

It's funny how things happen in sequences, and though I'm not the type to genuinely read into things too deeply, it was right at this moment a movie came on tv and the above quote rang echoes in my head.  At the end of each day I like to ask myself that very question "what have you done today?" whether something inspiring, professionally productive, or even something as simple as reminding someone I love them, I always hope to ensure that my day was lived with intent.

I'm coming to this fork in the road very soon and I think what's worst than the possibility of failure is indifference.  I'd like to hope that all this preparation and daily "intent" will deliver me on a path to somewhere other than another economical statistic.

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