Circuit Bending - a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing


For my electronics 2nd project, the task at hand was to take an everyday, toy or object and "circuit bend" it to not only do something else, but also fit into a conceptual future where the device would serve a purpose.

I took a Halloween toy, that emitted what could be considered the most obnoxious and lengthy witches howl, and connected various resistors on the circuit board to a potentiometer in order to control pitch, frequency and length of the sound made.  From here I was able to create a device which would be disguised within a human foot to aid a team of individuals during an escape mission in an apocalyptic future.  Here was the story submitted.

"The year is 3010 and the city is Gotenkahamatariego. Ten years ago a scientist, she who must not be named, released Pandora’s demons upon the world by opening up the gates to the netherworld.

We all have a distant fading memory of a city whose worst problems used to be traffic, pollution and over population. Now every day is Halloween. The city has become a playground for ghouls, goblins, ghosts and all creatures of the paranormal. Over the past years they have bred into a supreme genetic strand of super naturals, and we humans have become their food.

I cannot describe the horror we’ve seen and the loved ones who have been lost, but I hear of a distant land that offers a glimmer of hope. Mexico. Over the course of the next month, we will travel in groups in search of this forbidden land that is rumored be free from the devil, and actually have sunlight instead of dark skies.

These supernatural beings know our language and our voice, so our only method of disguise is to become the “sheep in wolf’s clothing”. We transform into grotesque monsters and use a device that mimics their calls but in different frequencies. Inside our ears will be devices to translate these frequencies into messages. Through the light, we will use the blinking light of the devices to offer a beacon of safety to other travelers.

I leave this note in hopes that if someone finds it, they too can also head in the same direction, and though I may never meet you and do not know you, I hope to see you my friend in the promise lands of Mexico"

Here is what the device would be hidden within

Our travel route 

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