It's Just One of those Mondays.


Man, there are a few things I absolutely love in life, and for 16 weeks out of the year, football is one of those things.  Tonight we played the Broncos at home and what started out as a promising first half, turned into a gut wrenching second half.

The thing is that we have an amazing team, one of the NFL's top rated quarterbacks, two star running backs a kicker and punter like no other but yet season after season, even when we manage to fluke our way into the playoffs (last season wildcard), we end up choking in the end.  The thing is, it's a painful experience hearing the horde belittle your team, but it makes it harder to put up a fight and keep up the team spirit, when week after week, games like tonight's game happens.

The one thing I can't stand are fans that only support a team during the good times.  My other favorite team, the Miami Dolphins, I stayed true to them through a 1-15 season.  THAT'S tough!

I'll never understand why I always get the people who out of no where, feel the need to tell me how much my team sucks (especially when they're a Panthers, Raiders, Titans or Browns fan, though no team has my hate as much as the Patriots and Tom Brady do).  It maddens me even more, when it's friends that supposedly know me well, and still decide to pour salt on the wound of a loss.

Why I hate the Patriots.. wow I don't think there's enough time to go into why I hate this team aside from how classless, cocky and what a crybaby Brady is.  I keep hearing about this superbowl team, but I wanna know what has this team done post cheating era.  Aside from that, after their blowout win over the Titans this past Sunday, scoring 45 pts in the first half, then keeping Brady in for the 2nd half is just tacky.  They shoulda atleast let their second/third string qbs have at it.  He's asking for an injury now.

But this rant isn't about which team is on par with which, it's about my love for the sport.  I'm not just a Charger fan or a Dolphin fan, I'm a football fan, and though there are many that share my craze, there are many that don't and feel the need to frown or judge.

For those that don't understand let me offer a mild comparison for you.  The next time you HAVE to buy that shoe/wallet/purse/, the next time you MUST eat that last bite of cake, the next time you CANNOT miss your show, the next time you are EXCITED for your next vacation... all of that, the joy, adrenaline, disappointments and etc are what us sports nuts feel on any given Sunday/Monday.

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