Life's Questions


Have you ever sat in traffic, in a classroom, or anywhere for that matter listening to a conversation or witnessing something, that just has you astounded at it's absurdity?  This happens to me everyday.

So over the years I've developed questions and commentary in response to actions of counter productivity, life's ironies, idiosyncrasies, all the way to simple wtf's.

Here are a handful in no order of importance.

- If education is the key to the future, why is an education require you to either have money or go into debt to get that key?

- Why do people, in efforts to save money on gas, trade in their paid off car to finance a Hybrid?

- Why do girls let "pseudo" famous guys do messed up stuff to them, like pour champagne on their head.  *cough* Shawne Merriman *cough*

- Speaking of counter productivity, why do girls wear ugg boots with a mini skirt?  wtf?

- If you're going to have something to say in offense or critique to someone elses work, try to accumulate more than 10 vocabulary words that don't consist of just the word "like" repeatedly.

- HEY YOU, yah you dirty ricer, there's no point revving on me if you're going the opposite way!

- Why do people tail gate, bob n weave, and drive frantically in bumper to bumper traffic.. where are you gonna go?

- Why do people in ridiculously unhappy relationships stay together?  Doesn't that go against the human condition of being in the least amount of pain as possible?

- Why is it that just because I'm into sports and cars that these interests must have stemmed from my boyfriend?  WRONG!!!

- Why do people care so much about what others think, when the "others" are just caring about what you think?

- If life is a box of chocolates, I must be sitting in a sour cream processing plant somewhere.

- Why is there only 16 weeks of football?  It's just not fair.

I'm sure there's more that will eventually make it here, but for now the rest of my questions will have to remain stewing in my brain.

Ciao till next time.

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