Christmas SALES and Gift Ideas, Gucci & Burberry Online.


Although Christmas is that time of year when shopping is about everyone else, I'm telling you there's too many good deals to pass up for oneself.  It's so bad, for every present I got, I always found something cute for myself.  Especially for my pals in Edmonton that don't have an official Gucci store, is having it's seasonal HUGE sale online.  There are wallets for under $200, Jelly shoes for around $100 and an abundance of purses, some only around $300.I'm contemplating the silk golf scarf on sale, but for now I'm done with the shopping and surprisingly finished holiday shopping for everyone else fairly early.

For my Burberry Lovers, there's a lot of great accessories left but many are selling out quite fast. Many of their handbags  are more than 50% off.

So enjoy enjoy and shop on while saving money as well :)

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