The Louis Vuitton Fox Fur Tail Accessory


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Sunday is my day to catch up on work, wrap up impeding projects before Monday ones kill me, and do some blog reading in between games and halftime.  There's a few accessories after seeing the not too long ago runway shows that I'm absolutely pining for.  One being the Louis Vuitton Fox-Tail purse accessory, with the added tassel.  It's absolutely adorable and although I'd love it in that mango'ish orange, Bryanboy got it in this beautiful green.

I'm interested to see how it'll get worn.  I don't think i'll be able to get my hands on one, so I think I'll take Bryanboy's Advice and go the DIY route and construct my own.  Although it wasn't the fox tail that was hard to find, it's the tassels. 

I love the bag Victoria Beckham was shot carrying in Heathrow airport.  Although I would probably just attach the accessory to my Monceau or Murray.. I wonder if it would be some sort of fashion crime to attach it to a bag that isn't LV, as if I'm committing brand incest.  I've always had this OCD habit that I could never tie a scarf to a bag that was from another brand, unless it wasn't obvious and it complimented it well. 

Time for a quick shower, food and work to fund my lavish loves. 

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