Deigo Sanchez - Post Fight Updated Image


Glad to see that Diego Sanchez is looking a lot better.  He took to his twitter to say:

 "just want to take the time to thank god for giving me a great plastic surgeon and heal..."

Previous Quote:
"Long night yesterdy Bj really gave it to me. It was not my night I just couldn't find him. I guess you have to tak"

That's crazy, after seeing his other post fight image, it's a world of difference how he's looking now.  Sad that he had to take to plastic surgery, but he was definitely cut up and rough.  I haven't always been a fan of Diego, but the one thing I'll give him is that he definitely has heart.  

Anyone going to UFC in vegas this coming New Years? I was hoping for a better card, but a lot of the top guys are injured.  

view the original photo here.

\ Via "on the go"

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