Diego Sanchez Post Fight Picture


Usually when watching UFC or a lot of MMA fights, it's sporadic on how much damage is done to the fighters.  Since the beating can take place almost anywhere on the body, the hits aren't always concentrated to the face like they are in boxing.

Dana White took to his twitter to post a picture of Diego Sanchez and man he was looking pretty rough.  I imagine this is what Miguel Cotto probably looked like post fight as well. The difference though is that I'm a Cotto fan.  Never been a huge Diego person, but the guy definitely has heart.

It's crazy when you can see a fighter's spirit get broken in the ring.  When Forrest Griffin (another one of my favorites) fought Anderson Silva, he said in the countdown "I may get beaten but I'll never get broken."  That night in the ring I saw a man get broken.

Ahh I love this time of year, fight nights followed by football Sundays.  Makes for a great weekend.
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\ Via "on the go"

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