Most Popular Photography - Hacks n Techniques


As an artist, especially a commercial one, I've found that my craft has driven me to explore in various mediums.  Meaning, doing graphic design does not eliminate the need to write well or understand marketing, and painting in oil does not mean that I won't have to paint digitally.  Photography has become the next necessity of trades to be added to my portfolio of mediums and thought it is useful and I've learned quite a bit, I have a long way to go.

I absolutely have this awe and fascination with individuals who just capture magic and have the eye and talent to select the finest "the one" image and discard of the rest.  I've always found it hard to let go of un-needed work just because of the sentiment in creating it.

Gizmodo put together the greatest types of photography taken and some great hacks/etc.
\ Via "on the go"

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