The Ostentatious Elaborate and Ever So Gaudy Christmas Wish-list


Since I was a kid, even long after I found out that Santa was just some guy with a job at the mall, I write up a lengthy Christmas wish list each year.  This list composes of things I'm certain I won't get in my stocking, things of sentimental value, others of need and mostly just for fun.

I've been told it's utterly impossible to shop for me because anything I want or need, I'll find a way to get it myself.  I'm definitely not one to be patient and wait.

I have to throw the disclaimer out there, that I understand that the holidays are a time to reflect on our blessings and spend time with our loved ones but hey didn't I say this was for fun? So here it is Di's uber awesome crazy xmas wish list.

78 Boss 351 and/or 68 Fastback
How I love thee let me count the ways.  I'm a hardcore classic car freak and these are the two cars (next to the cobras of course) that I absolutely will one day restore and roll in.  I must say that there are very few ladies that I find or will ever find as beautiful as these two.

Serendipity 3, Decadent Hot Cocoa Sunday
This I may be able to get, actually WILL get when I'm in Vegas this year. Unfortunately it won't be in time for Christmas, and it won't be the one from New York, but yummy yummy get in my tummy!

Hermes Birkin and Medor Twilly
Although I can never bring myself to ever pay $5000 for a bag (because I'd rather go to Europe or build an amazing computer), I do love the style. The Hermes Medor Twilly though, so versatile in how it can be worn (scarf, wristlet, on a purse or in the hair), and of course more within reach.

a HUGE Astro Boy Toy
I've been a fan of Astro Boy since I was a kid and he was even my long time imaginary friend. For someone who was my absolute love, I'm amazed that I don't have that much Astro Boy paraphernalia.

Wacom Cintiq
What would Christmas be without me wanting another toy to help me make awesome art. My Intuos 3 is still working well and though I don't need a cintiq, I must say it is pretty awesome.

Blackberry Bold - White
Since dropping my new bold in the toilet, I've been looking at different phones and figured of all the phones there are only 2 I would consider, a Blackberry or an Iphone. Had an iphone and don't want one again so I'm left w/ a Blackberry. Might as well get one in a flashy white :)

Turtle Beach Headphones
I love music. Let me rephrase that, I LOVE LOUD MUSIC. I have these skull candy ones right now that work, but man I remember how Turtle Beach headphones rattled my brain and knocked my ear drums senseless. They make music an invigorating experience.

Masterpiece Skywarp
I don't know why I didn't pick this up when it first came out, but now all my masterpieces seem so incomplete without skywarp.

Fox Tail (Faux is fine) Accessory
Since Louis Vuitton showed a runway full of fun fox tails adorning on bags in the SS10 collection, I've been on this DIY mission to make my own. What I'm lacking? Tassles, charms and etc :)

Geforce GTX 295
Ok now I know I need a new pc period, but I always start a new box around what video card I want. I know backwards.. but I've always been an Nvidia fanboy and omg drool!

I wish I could pick just one thing I love from Goyard, but it's actually everything. I absolutely adore the intricate hand painted monogram design and the craftsmanship behind each of their products. Mostly I respect that throughout the years they haven't bought into e-commerce or commercializing their product. There are only a handful of stores in the world, and you can only purchase in store.

Ketchup Chips
QUICK someone from canada send me a care package pls. Words can't express how much I love to eat ketchup chps.

Lanvin Happy Bag
Oh Lanvin! Alber Elbez is a genius and Happy is a well suited name for this detailed bag.

I'll never understand why I have a bad ass soundcard with no speakers. It's terrible.

Nintendo DS
Only because mine got stolen recently :(

So there you have it all the wants, desires, and would likes for the season. But seriously all I want for the holidays is christmas music, a tree, hot cocoa, fireplace coziness and if possible to see snow. Christmas never feels the same w/out snow.

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