Pacman Ring Set - I Must Have!


I always tread back and forth between my toy boy side that enjoys gaming, football and watching boxing/mma and the feminine side that adores fashion as an art and smelling nice.

When it comes to jewelry I've always taken the simple approach, where I buy pieces I LOVE and wear them day in or day out.  The earrings I'm wearing now, I think I've had on for about a month.  Necklaces and rings get changed out more often.  What I most certainly love is daily wear that is fashionable but still expresses my deep geeky roots.  From my Gears of War cog tags to my Kingdom Hearts Key and my Final Fantasy necklaces, each expresses intricate craftsmanship but carry sentiment of some of my favorite games :)

When I saw the Pacman ring set on etsy, my immediate thought was MUST HAVE!!!  It's cute, casual, tasteful and floods back memories of when I could play arcade games for a nickel.

\ from chowmut's posterous

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