Pinkberry: New Flavor and Too Much Cuteness

There's nothing I love more than a semi-late night snack.  Since Pinkberry opened up in Hillcrest, I have not set foot inside of it.  I'm not quite sure why, I would have though for sure that the sleek design of the building, bright colors, and trendy decor would have inticed me but  nope tonight was my first. 

What a first it was too, they introduced a new chocolate flavor that was actually quite good.  Yogurt is the one dairy I can have that doesn't make me feel like death for days.  Being allergic to dairy and lactose intolerant, sure makes good eating hard.  I'm still not sure the $4-5 is worth the yogurt and supposed "unlimited toppings" that the cup can hold, but it was a nice place to sit down, chat and just spend a part of the evening.

More than anything else I think I was mesmerized by their cutesy kitchen products.  I was almost tempted to buy a $28 mug for my coffe at work, just because it had ears. 

\ Via "on the go"

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