A Britney Spear's Christmas?


Before I even had the chance to grab my new found morning addiction, my coffee, I headed into the office for a list of tasks to be completed asap. One of the things I love most is Chrismas music, in fact I think you can even catch me playing "Santa Baby" in July at times. Amidst my xmas playlist, Elena peeks over with a bizarre inquisitive look on her face and asks me gently.. "is that Britney Spears?" To most, it would be no big deal. To those that know me it's almost as if hell has frozen over. It's difficult to imagine that someone who has Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, Led Zeppelin and Rise Against playing on their playlist would have Britney.

But tis the season, and I'll play crappy music by talentless pop tarts if I want to.

I hope the season spirit kicks me in the jaw soon, because for some reason as I get older, that familiar tingly feeling fades even further.
\ Via "on the go"

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