Rodarte for Target SOLD OUT


Sometimes I really am the last to hear that the train was coming.  I remember when it was first announced that Sara Jessica Parker was going to be designing an inexpensive line called bitten, I kind of just brushed it off because I am hardly ever impressed with diffusion lines.  When I looked at the line in person, I was extremely surprised to find quality fabrics and interesting designs.  The voluminous giant bow dress still is one of my most favorite effortless outfits to wear when going out.

I heard a bit too late that Rodarte was designing a diffusion line for Target, and by the time I got to the site to view the goodies, most of it is sold out and selling for triple on ebay.  The same thing happened with Jimmy Choo for H&M, though I was genuinely disappointed at the quality in that line.

Despite being tempted to snag up a cute dress or sweater from the Rodarte line on, it's something I have to touch, feel and wear.  So maybe next time when I'm picking out video games or socks, plus I just bought a pair of Derek Lam shoes on sale too :P.  I appreciate Rodarte's soft and feminine looks but I've never been insanely drawn to the designs... now if Lanvin or Commes des Garcons ever created a diffusion line, I'd be bull dozing people to get through.

My Bitten Dress. 

\ Via "on the go"

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