A Bitter Awakening to My Mocha (Starbucks Calories)


So over the past few weeks I've been sorting through the black hole of my closet and looking at things I haven't worn in a while.  Usually in dresses I'm a size 4 and jeans a 6 due to the plump behind I was graced with from my father.  When I went to go try on a black Michael Kors casual dress yesterday, that I wanted to wear this evening, I couldn't pull up the zipper with ease.  So I dared to do the deed, I weighed myself... UP 7 LBS!

 Frantically pacing, I started thinking about my eating exercise and etc and the only thing I could think of that i've been doing differently over the past few months is drinking coffee more occasionally.
I blame the beautiful city of Seattle.  On my trip last year, I found a love for drinking coffee everyday and it's been stuck with me, till today!  

So I went to Starbucks' website that tells you the calories in each drink and all I could say or yell was HOLY SUGAR AND CALORIES BATMAN!!! 

One Tall mocha not only grants a mouthful or morning goodness but also 33 grams of sugar and 330 calories (140 of which are from fat)  This is with non-fat milk as well.  So even IF I substituted with Soy Milk, I still get 25 grams of sugar and for a small drink, that's a lot of sugar!

My resolve: either red bull if i'm in dire need, otherwise simply water, tea or black coffee.
Geez.. hitting the gym harder, and I'm sorry Starbucks but I'll be relinquishing my rewards card and not visiting you further in the mornings.
\ Via "on the go"

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