Restaurant Week Bite in Review

To celebrate a job well done, I made the suggestion to go out and eat somewhere new the other evening. A fellow tweeter suggested Bite in Hillcrest, right off of University ave. Despite the recent fury of rain from above, if I have an umbrella and a car, nothing's stopping me from living! Looking at the modest website that auto plays Amy Winehouse upon entry, I went straight to the menu. Once I saw a Gnocchi and Scallop combination I was sold.

Surprisingly Bite had a restaurant week like menu, where for $20 you could have a 4 course dinner from their selected menu. I had come for the Gnocchi, so that was going to be ordered regardless. We ordered a Chilean red wine and the dishes to come would one amazing dish after another. I'm usually not too impressed with restaurant week menus and what they offer, I always feel like they leave their best dishes off, which is counterproductive since restaurant week is about bringing people in to taste and hopefully come back. But though I didn't see Bite as part of restaurant week, I was happy to see a good variety from that menu regardless. 

When I first drove up to the restaurant, the glowing neon and outside patio had this corner cafe bistro type of feel. Upon entry, the faux fireplace with LED lights, modern slick furniture and color combinations gave the look of a trendy uptown and quaint bar. Bite is one of those places that make you want to sit, drink wine and have a conversation with someone.

As a first course, we received two crostinis topped with a marscapone cheese and a mango cinnamon chutney. Due to my adverse physical reactions to dairy, i was limited to less than a bite. Our second course AMAZING,! Two puff pastries over an arugula salad with a dijon mustard vinaigrette, topped with cherry tomatoes, kalmata olives and caramelized onions. Though I'm certain I can make this now that I've tasted it, this is the dish that hooked me into this restaurant.

Our third course was a chicken marsala with the cheese polenta substituted with an olive infused garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. I'm always impressed when chicken breast can be cooked to be moist like dark meat! Words cannot describe how savory and succulent this dish was.

Lastly was our mango mint iced dessert with diced fruit. Not overly sweet, fresh and the perfect palette cleanser after so many dense 
flavors. Definitely a great place and I'll be going back soon.

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