Great Night of Fights! Maynard vs Diaz!

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Fight nights for me are usually a diluted form of UFC pay per views and a less dramatic version of TUF due to the lack of reality TV build up.  Last night's however, was packed with drama, great fights, huge upsets and blood blood blood.  Starting with Lawler (who all night I kept calling LOLercopter) vs Simpson.. after that first round I was thinking that Simpson was a gonnnnnner!  But as the fight progressed through each round, I found myself saying "Simpson reminds me of Clay Guida" and the mr. would reply "why because he's got heart?" and I answered with conviction "NO because he can hella take a beating to the face!".

Moving on, most of my picks for the night were dead on.  Everyone I talked to thought I was crazy because I said watch Dunham's gonna rock him.  The world had their money on Efrain Escudero and all I could say was "just watch!"  'I've seen Dunham scramble, and that guy is one fidgety slick one with great ground game, so it wasn't to my surprise that he got Escudero in an armbar and nearly broke it.  Lots of arm injuries lately, sometimes you just gotta tap folks and live to fight another day.  

Lastly.. oh Nate Diaz Nate Diaz.... when I was posting my picks for Fight Night, I was hesitant to post how bad I wanted this guy to lose because I didn't wanna jinx it.  Now I wasn't just routing for Maynard because of Randy Couture, but truthfully I think I would have routed for almost anyone vs Nate Diaz.  I can't stand the guy.  He's on my hate list accompanied by BJ Penn, Dan Hardy, Brandon Vera and etc that I wish would just get shoved in the mouth with some humble pie.  I get it, I get the rock star cocky attitude gets ratings and riles up the fans but it's just not my style.  Maybe that's why I refuse to date a guy that wears douche-bag uniforms like Ed Hardy or head to toe in Affliction wear! (that's an entire different blog)  

I prefer fighters that are down right about the sport, humble, modest and can respect other fighters.  Hence why I loved that Randy Couture gave Maynard a lecture for buying into Nate Diaz's taunting game.  
Definitely looking forward to Couture vs Coleman.  It'll be good! 

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