Heidi Montag 10 Surgeries Later

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When I first heard the news that Heidi Montag had undergone 10 surgeries in one day, late last year, my first thoughts were "I'll believe it when I see it."  Over the past couple months, I've noticed that the media has been pretty quiet when it came to Heidi and her famewhore husband Spencer Pratt.  Then all of a sudden earlier last week, while my head was in sports, blogs, the net and everywhere was on fire about Heidi's insane transformation. 

After seeing the pictures of her before and after, I believe it!  Although I found her talentless in every regard, I will say that she was a beautiful California looking girl.  She was slender with a cute face, soft tousled hair and a jawline that I'm envious of (only because from some angles I can look like I have a double chin). 

Perhaps it's because in the most recent images of her she isn't smiling, but she barely looks like herself.  In fact if it wasn't for her hair, she doesn't look like herself at all.  I'm not going to judge on the topic of self confidence, esteem and body image because fortunately those are issues I never had.  I've always been the tom boy who thought I was hot $hit even when I was the size of Texas. 

So I get it, that people do what they do to feel good about themselves, some of us buy purses, shoes, games and others make permanent changes.  What I don't get though is how do you get to a point where you don't want to resemble yourself anymore?  Many young starlets, models and actors become victim to the media's constant scrutiny and I imagine it can drive a person mad.  In fact I'm sure almost every celeb has had some sort of work done, but I just find 10 procedures extreme, especially if once you heal you require make up just to look normal. 

I find it counterproductive when you go under the knife and in order to look normal afterwards, you require a lot of make up.  Joan Rivers, Janice Dickenson and Heidi all are faces fond to the heavy make up and it drives the question of "What's under there?"

We live in a culture here where a bit of nip tuck is no big deal, but I think it's gotten to the point where I've become nostalgic for natural beauties, or atleast beauties that look natural.  I doubt I'll age with grace, but with Heidi being only 23 and no kids yet, I feel like she had plenty of time to mod herself and that she should have enjoyed the beauty of youth. 

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