Why Canadian Snacks are Better

Everytime someone visits me from Canada or I take a trip back to my hometown, there's always one request I make. "Please bring me NOMS!"  These list of noms include

Ketchup Chips

Coffee Crisp

Hawkins Cheesies (eventhough I get rashes from the dairy)

Dill Pickle Popcorn/Chips (the shaker or the product)
Old Dutch Corn Twisties.

Hickory Sticks

Kinder Surprise

Believe me this isn't a case of "the grass is greener" There are snacks down here that I love as well that the Canadians are missing out on such as, FLAMING HOT EVERYTHING (Cheetos, lays, funyuns etc). But what makes Canadian snacks better are the obscure simple flavors. Who knew that bold condiment flavors such as ketchup and dill pickle would make for great snacks. I still get puzzled looks every time I mention this but it's oh so true. Also there's something about Canadian snacks where I don't feel like I'm eating a heart attack every time I much down. I find it ludicrous that we don't have dark chocolate Kit Kats but they do up there!

Another noticeable difference is in the movie theater popcorn. I would fly back to Canada solely for the buttered popcorn as the kernels are bigger and fluffier and the butter tastes delectable! Perhaps because they use real butter as opposed to heated oil.

There are a few things though that I would never give up from down here, which is awesome bubble tea, great sushi, and Bar Basic pizza.

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