Jimmy Choo and UGG WTF?


I've made it quite known over many twitter and facebook lifetimes that I absolutely detest UGG boots.  I blame the southern California girls who chose to dress in an atrocity of irony by pairing them with mini skirts and shorts.  Anyone whoever made UGG boots fashionable rather than functional, needs to be shoved in a box along with the creator of the uniform for douchebags, ED Hardy and let's not forget the least mentioned but equally hated bubble dresses that are tight around the butt.

I could go on and will probably go on forever on my ravaging and loathing feeling towards how UGGS are worn, but what caught me by surprise is that Jimmy Choo is partnering up with UGG to create a line.  Now when Jimmy Choo created a diffusion line for H&M, I was mildly excited but disappointed when I saw the designs and quality of the handbags.  I wonder what Jimmy Choo could possibly do for UGG boots to make them fashionably less heinous.  I think the only UGG brand product I've ever appreciated are their loafers for indoor/outdoor wear.

As a disclaimer to the millions of people who love the comfort of UGGS, I'm there with you, they are warm, they are comfortable.. but a fashion statement or an iconic style NEVER!  Again I blame the many girls who go to nice restaurants, clubs and shows wearing UGGS that have tainted the brand and boot for me!

On that note I'm glad that I'm not the only one that isn't crazy and doesn't understand this ridiculous trend that just won't die!!!!

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