Asian Good Eats


One thing about living, I'm all about indulgence.  We have a limited of time here, so a healthy dose of things you love should always be in order.  I live to eat, my lil pot belly and big cheeks are a testament to that.  But I'm not a gorger, I don't crave buffets, steaks, or giant plates of food.  I love to snack!  Whether it's rice crackers, popcorn, pocky or appetizers, my favorite types are probably from the east.  

For breakfast today, I nommed on the Japanese equivalent of a sandwich called Onigiri.  Onigiri is nothing more than a rice triangle packed with your selection of good eats such as fish, cod roe, and then wrapped in seaweed.  The rice is a bit stickier and has a very mild tartness to it in comparison to normal steamed rice, but together it's quite the healthy noms.

Now you know you're a little fattie when you have a goodie jar at work!  This is actually the cup that our frozen hot chocolate came in from Serendipity 3 in Vegas.  Now it houses dark chocolate bites, some snacks that was brought to me from canada like dark chocolate aeros and coffee crisp.  I'm actually not too much of a chocolate person, so this jar rarely gets raided. Elena was nice enough to pick up coffee for me today, and I'm still deciding on what lunch is going to be.

Like Alton Brown, I bid you good eating!

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