Mark Sanchez is Jamarcus Russel?


One of the things I love about Deadspin is that they brilliantly say the things that I wish I could yell to the world and they give sports news un-fluffed and full of great commentary.  There's no doubt that there's something about he dirty Sanchez that rubs me the wrong way and one of those things is that he is overrated and gets praised for occasionally passing the ball.  Over the past few Jets games, it killed me watching this 53 million dollar quarterback get praise for being poised and basically just handing off the ball. 

A few days ago, Tommy Craggs from Deaspin posted a hilarious comparison between Jamarcus Russell (another QB from a team that's my mortal rival "The Raiders) and Mark Sanchez.  To me football is about stats, and this comparison is intriguing.

"Jamarcus Russell 2008-09: 198-for-368, 2,423 yards, 13 TDs.
Mark Sanchez 2009-10: 196-for-364, 2,444 yards, 12 TDs"

and YES YES YES, finally the difference and someone else notices, that Mark Sanchez throws more picks.  Some commentators said that if the Raiders made it to the playoffs that you'd see Jamarcus Russell on just as many magazine covers and interviews.. I highly doubt that, as Mark Sanchez was doing the "Tom Brady (another cocky qb on a team I can't stand)" modeling thing way before the Colts "let" the Jets win and glide into the playoffs.  I'm tired of hearing about how grand this team was and how they made it into the playoffs as if any of it was truly earned, they were a 9-7 team that got fed a bone.  Though in fairness, I'll admit there's a slight hint of bitterness still due to my Chargers choking in the game against them.

I'm writing this because it bothers me when mediocre players get praise and titles like being "poised" when there's good QBs out there that are some of the most underrated like Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, Carson Palmer and Chad Pennington (well prior to injuring his shoulder again, poor guy). 

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