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As an artist, one of my favorite things to do is browse through photography and art.  The Big Picture is one of my favorite places that always houses images that capture magnificently culturally prominent events, social statements and marking moments, forever freezing their significance and visual weight.

I'm absolutely surprised that I haven't written anything profound about my reflection of 2009 or anticipations for 2010.  Perhaps that's a good thing.  I recently found a collection of calendars which housed daily entries of thoughts, events and feelings.  It was as if I discovered an unintentionally buried time capsule that revealed the best and worst times of my life.  As I get older, I notice that individual days are actually remembered as a collective, representing that particular year in a whole.  It's as if the past 5 years of my life were just a blur.  I notice though that with each coming year, I write with hopeful anxiety for great things in the coming year and towards the end, there's always something marvelous to look back on but nothing quite so groundbreaking.

I think my welcoming of this new decade 2010 is muted and subtle in the sense that I'm not hoping for anything but rather planning on doing things slightly different.  Although I've seen leaps and bounds of changes in my profession, my art, and my life, I'm not only looking for that next mountain to move but I'm also looking forward to another year of antics, stories, and small scale moments that collectively create one significant picture.

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