The 52nd Grammy's Round Up

Most of the Grammys last night for me was a snore but there were some amazing highlights that included seeing Jeff Beck, Bon Jovi and the tribute to Les Paul.  As a passionate rock and music lover, it was nice to see an award show different from your usual MTV music awards, that actually featured and celebrated other music genres and acclaimed artists. 

What tantalized my visual senses was the trends of futuristic fashion. I've become so accustomed to seeing the usual ball gowns, draped fabrics and lengthy trains, that it was sensational to see celebs taking risks and adding edge.  Everything from the architecture of the clothing to the exaggerated shoulder pads and the addition of metallic frameworks, details and beading made the red carpet just that much more fierce. 

I had said not too long ago that although I'm not the hugest GaGa fan music wise, I'm quite envious that she gets to dress in Avante Gard garb consistently. I wonder if she or Dita Von Teese ever tire of consistently wearing a distinct persona.  Personally I love being the odd one out and dressing with purpose like I have somewhere to go even if it's just the local Starbucks (which I've omitted out of my daily consumption).

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