San Diego Earthquake

I was sound asleep this morning when my bed, paintings, and desk started shaking for a good 30 seconds.  My first reaction is that I'm half asleep and that I'm dreaming, then after about 15 seconds of the shaking my semi awake brain started processing angry thoughts of housework being done so early, once the bed started rattling I finally thought "EARTHQUAKE!!"

It wasn't startling enough to wake my lazy pit bull, but enough to rattle me out of my deep slumber, which by the way is a duly task! When I was finally able to look up some news, I saw that a 5.8 magnitude Baja Earthquake was what shook up the south west. They're saying that the epi-center was 22 miles south east of Calexico, and even parts of Arizona felt the shakes. 

I keep hearing news that one day San Diego is going to break off from California, I just hope I'm not there when it happens.

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