Canada vs USA the Game of Epic Proportions


Many of us laid in our beds awake last night unable to sleep due to anticipation of today's big game, and as I opened my eyes to this Sunday morning, without hearing any words yet, I could feel this electrifying energy that stretched across Canada all the way down to the USA. 

Today's game was comparable to the Super-Bowl if not bigger because it was more than just about winning a hockey game, it was about a nationally beloved sport, unity and patriotism.  All over twitter were messages of hope and support for each country, from those who usually don't even watch hockey.  In sports for a moment in time, people are joined in unity, sharing a common goal, and win or loss, that utmost joy or devastation is felt and experienced together. 

When 12:20pm hit today, it was game time and for two and a half hours I didn't breath, my heart beat violently and nothing was tearing me away from the TV. During intermissions I was rapidly typing to my Canadian friends, and other pals (M.G) cheering for the USA.  All of us typed profusely expressing reactions to insane passes, close goals, immaculate saves and fast paced plays.

In the last 24 seconds of the third period when Parise scored a goal for USA tying the game and sending into overtime, I could literally feel my heart stop.  Twitter, my chat windows, everything was being bombarded with messages of fret, which lead me back a week ago when we lost to USA the first time and my pal Colin and I agreed, nothing was going to stop us from winning gold, even if we had to take the road most difficult.  True to fashion, we were going into overtime and true achievement is never easy.

When Sidney Crosby swiped that wrist shot winning it all, roars could be heard across Canada, borders and cities as dreams were made and broken. Canada 3 - USA 2.  I was on the phone with C. when that goal was made and I can attest that it was one endless scream after another in cheer.   Giving Canada's gold medal count to 14, this was the one that mattered most.

It was what Canada needed as a reminder that we deserve to have that "swagger" in our step, and know there is much to be proud of.  Usually the more modest nation, I think this is the occasion where we can stand up with fists in the air, screaming for joy. Today history was made and it was quite the marvelous Sunday experience.


For a sensational 2010 Olympic montage and a moving narration by Stephen Brunt click to view below.   
quote:" it was as if an entire country was given permission to feel something, it needed to feel..."

Photos via reuters

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