Olymic Medal Standings and Tomorrow's Epic Game

Between the news about the 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile today, I was flipping through my usually sports stations just catching up on what's going on and who stands where.  I was surprised and proud to find that my home country, Canada, is leading with 13 Gold medals, while USA has 9 and Germany 10.  For total goals though, USA is has the most 36, while Germany has 29 and Canada 25.  
I've been able to catch quite a few of the events, but no matter how how many Golds Canada wins, the one that matters and is on the line is for the hockey game tomorrow afternoon, as Canada and USA have their hockey rematch.  The electrifying energy, anticipation, angst and excitement feels almost greater than the Super-bowl, when two top of the league giants battled head to head.  

Tickets for Canada vs USA have been long sold out, but there are some up for grabs if you have the cash. It is said that this event is the hottest ticket event in Canadian sports history. CTV Olympics reported 

"ShowTimeTickets.com was asking $138,000 for a suite, or $6,900 per suite ticket. Seats in the A section of Canada Hockey Place were on special, down to $3,995 from $4,995.
Tickets were available on eBay Canada for as high as $15,000 for a pair in prime territory. There were also some seats in the nosebleed section offered up for sale for about $1,000 each."

Tomorrow Canadians are shutting down everything to watch this game and nothings going to be dragging me away from the TV as well. How fitting that this is taking place on a Sunday, being that football is over and It's quite marvelous to have something this big and momentous to wake up and anticipate to.

Although I'm Canadian and am routing with heart, passion and hope for my country to win, I'm quite glad that USA made it there too.  It's going to be quite the spectacle to watch both my countries go to war.

To my fellow Canadian pals, a toast to you and cheers from miles away. 

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