Chael Sonnen's Post Fight Twitter Message

After a bloody mess of fight with Marquardt, Chael Sonnen won by decision and continued to give Joe Rogan quite the gracious sequence of words in regards to his thoughts on the fight.  After UFC 109 was over, I was following UFC for news, pictures and thoughts about the fights of the night and saw a retweet from Chael Sonnen saying
"Nate doesn't have enough shiny trinkets or horse blankets to get into this POW WOW.  He's going to be known as "Chief go home Lumpy."

Personally, despite Sonnen winning and really laying it on Nate, I would think he went home with the bloodiest face.  Some people love the cocky fighters and the trash talkers, me I appreciate a guy that has respect for his fellow fighters, respect for the sport and can win with a little class.  

I'm happy Demian Maia won, despite the fans booing due to a lackluster fight, and man oh man Captain America.. nuff said.  The next set of fights over the next few months seem to be pretty bad ass, and all I can say is why couldn't the New Years card be this good when I was in Vegas?

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