Tonight's Recap (update video)

Man what a night! Though the entire card wouldn't be what I would call explosive, it was definitely entertaining with some mention worthy highlights.  I know this is probably my fourth or fifth UFC post within the past couple days, but hey it is a big sports weekend and tomorrow it'll be all football!

Between Joe Rogan's spaz on the spilled ice and the words exchanged between Mark Coleman and Tito Ortiz, the Octagon was a peanut gallery of drama tonight.  I'm still trying to research what Tito said exactly, but he has no business talking trash after his loss to Forrest Griffin and Coleman answered perfectly with a big EFF YOU to Tito!

During the main event in the 1st or 2nd round between Couture and Coleman, I swear it was the slowest takedown I've ever seen, but Captain America looked in control, accurate and in wonderful shape.  Poor Coleman left with the biggest mouse under his right eye, guy's got such heart and I've been following him since pride, I hate to say hang the towel up but I think his days are numbered.  Age is a fickle thing and it doesn't overlook anyone.  We'll all end up in the position one day where younger people are telling us to give it up already.

I was fed up with the booing during the fight and i'm tired of the net being ablaze about how boring Demian Maia's fight was, his stand up game and striking ability has definitely improved, which I would hope after his sad last fight.

That's all for now, I'll be posting post fight images and messages as they trickle in.

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