Getting Loud About "It Might Get Loud"

If music could frame my existence in anyway, Jazz would be my true love and Rock would be my soul.. everything else would be the movement in my feet and would come and go.

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I always gauge true love for a band or a song by the ability to listen to it endlessly and being able to fall into that melodic romance each time again.  I have songs I like to listen to depending on the occasion or activity at hand.  Whenever I write, I love to have Led Zeppelin, with Jimmy Page's genius drama for making his guitar sing, in the background.  Although throughout my playlists there are specks of music from pop, hip hop, electronica and more, they are the movement to my feet and the songs come and go, when it comes to Jazz and Rock it's a love affair for life. 

I heard about "It Might Get Loud" the documentary "on the classic guitar from the point of view of three rock legends" and I'm saving this for one of those nights, where I can sit down in Metallica T-Shirt with a giant bowl of popcorn and watch it with purpose and conviction.  Across the net has been various feedback about why The Edge was with the three in there, and though I debated back and forth I can see why he fits well.  At first when I was questioning "if this is about great guitarists" why not include "Eric Clapton" or "Morello".

Though I don't love everything the White Stripes have put out, I definitely admire and am intrigued by the sounds that Jack White makes.  Rolling Stone says "Don't pay attention to the notes; White is not a clean soloist. He's a blowtorch.."   I love his attention and integration of classic styles and techniques which he then orchestrates into his own style. 

I've now transitioned from Zep's Presence album to the White Stripes "Icky Thump". 
Check out "It Might Get Loud" on dvd and here is the trailer and some deleted scenes from the movie.  It's such a fascinating arena to see three creative conquerors of the electric guitar, interact and collaborate.


Deleted Scenes

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