Abs-Inspiration Work Out UFC Style

So I posted my recent mocha woes about gaining weight do to my daily coffee and have been eating incredibly well, along with swinging back into being active.  Whenever I start feeling lazy or making excuses as to why I either don't have time to go to the gym, or would rather play video games, I look to MMA fighters and their dedication to their work out regimen. 

(no half assness)

"At least one time in your life, train with the will to die." - Enson Inoue

Dana White posted pics of him and Chuck Liddell working out and I must say I'm inspired!

You see I don't diet then fall off the wagon, my lifestyle actually includes pretty good eats and then once in a while I go through a week or so of splurging (which is really just eating how normal people eat) then I go back to my regular routine.  I like to taste the food i'm eating, so heavy sauces, tonnes of salt, cake tonnes of cheese or ranch dressing never make their way to my plate.  With that, I never knew I'd get done over by coffee lol.  My one vice which is popcorn, didn't even do me over. 

I like the advice of Alton Brown, start with quality ingredients and you'll end up with a quality meal.

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