It Has Been Done LT is Gone from the Chargers


Headlines everywhere are "Tomlinson's time in San Diego ends."  Some people are making the comparison to when Seau left the Chargers and I have to say it's a bit more enfolding than that.  Similar to how Brett Favre will always be remembered as a Green Bay Packer (possibly Viking in a distant second thought after the Playoffs), LaDanian Tomlinson will always be remembered for his time with the Chargers. 

The Chargers official website just confirmed what everyone else had already suspected.  After this last season, no matter what our standings were, it was already presumed that the two to go would be LT and Shawne Merriman. NFL and other media outlets are posting statements such as "The End of an Era," and "Tomlinson on the Market."  Despite what some may consider a lackluster performance in the past couple seasons due to injuries and more, I think he still has quite a few good games left in him. 

Charger's President Dean Spanos says:
"This is a part of the business that I hate, and it's particularly hard when you're dealing with someone I consider a friend,"
"Change involving great players is never easy. I respect LT as much or more than any player I've ever known. And no one appreciates his contributions to this organization more than I do. That is why this is such a difficult announcement for me to make."

Norv Turner:

"I was fortunate to be the offensive coordinator here during LT's rookie year in 2001 and it didn't take long to realize that we were dealing with a special player and a special individual,"

"And when I returned to the Chargers in 2007, I was proud to be a part of his second NFL rushing title. "

In the nine seasons that he was with the Chargers he won two rushing titles and set an NFL record for touchdowns in a single season (31, 2006), and has the 8th highest total rushing yards in NFL history (12,490).  As an avid football fan and Charger lover, it's hard to imagine what the field is going to look like without a running back you've seen on the field for so long.  I think over the past couple seasons, many people were overly criticizing LT's performance, mainly because he had this performance high just a few years ago. 

I think ultimately what made LT such an amazing guy was not just his performance on the field, but his reach off the field in the community.  He's just a really nice and cool guy who's always made efforts to give back.  I worry about what my team is going to look like next season, but from a forever fan, best of luck and thanks for all you've done for our team and city. I'm sure we'll see you around.

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