Book Review: If You Have to Cry Go Outside By Kelly Cutrone


When I first caught glimpse of this book and began reading other commentary and reviews, it was described as a textual manual that would inspire and prepare young girls for their dreams.

After finishing the book, I feel like calling it just an inspirational book almost diminishes the value from it, as it making it seem like the typical motivational books you see in the self help isle, which it's far from that.  Kelly Cutrone has this charismatic way of highlighting the unpretty sides of life that we all experience, and offers words of relation and honesty. 

If I could take anything from the condensed and concise pages of Kelly Cutrone's biography and directive it would be:
1) An affirmation that most things are possible with absolute tenacity and will
2) Even in the face of promises for fame and wealth, stand true to your self worth and hold to your ethics b/c it's all you got.
3) Whatever you want, you have to want it bad enough where the fight is worth the prize.

I would actually recommend this book to women of all ages, those that are young and still have that innocent awe that dreams can still come true, and for the older crowd who have been scorned by life and have forgotten what it was like to live, dream and fuel their ambition. 

At 29, I'm far from being old, but I was one of those that straightened my act much later, and finished school well after many of my friends did.  By the time I had decided to go back to school, I was already watching those I knew settling into careers, buying cars, houses and appearing to have accomplished their "five year goal." I won't deny that there's been many evenings where I've sat up at 3am trying to pull creativity out of red bull and felt a regret that I may have missed the boat to success.  But I've come to see, as Kelly mentions in her book that sometimes the pretty clothes, fancy cars and purchased homes, don't necessarily equate to success or happiness. 

What I loved most about this book is that it's not pretentious!  Despite Kelly Cutrone's success, she doesn't hesitate to divulge her dark moments, peaks and valleys, reading tarot cards on Venice beach, and sharing how she came back from it all without showing ostentatious  vocabulary all over the page.  From beginning to end it's real, and it's a conversation with relate-able elements.  For me, it made me recognize and establish a pronouncement of self worth, and a reminder to consistently be hungry and work to feed that hunger. 

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