Madonna Before and After the Magic of Photoshop

Embarking on the topic of photo editing would be nothing groundbreaking.  We can all tell when a photo that has been airbrushed, we assume that there have digital nips and tucks made in addition to many other enhancements.  Despite this knowledge, it's still astonishing at how much editing actually takes place.  Looking at the above before and after, as a person who works in the creative industry and knows exactly how and what was done, I still think she's a beautiful woman and the only reason the before photo looks so bad is due to the desaturated image.  The photo was shot with the light source above her, which would further emphasize and/or create dark circles and she's 50+, wrinkles are natural. 

Recently in magazines and media, due to models getting sick, people have poor self image and etc, there has been uproars against selling an image of fantasy in the media.  I get to some degree when you're editing 30lbs off of someone, that is quite severe but I have nothing against photo editing or the concept of beautiful people selling a product.  To reiterate and emphasize again, everyone knows that images are edited and if they still choose to believe the lie then so be it.  I just feel that as a culture we've become so sensitive to everything, that no one is held accountable for their own esteem issues and actions anymore. 

Everything is brimming along fine lines and my thoughts are, with or without photoshop there are still going to be boys and girls starving themselves or having self esteem issues.  As much as we hate it, we buy into it.  Designers, magazines and media outlets will stop asking for emaciated models or selling a certain image, when customers stop funding it.  A consumer's bullet is more powerful then individuals realize.

At some point you have to stop blaming the gun and hold the shooter accountable. 

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