When Food isn't Just Food Anymore

 If you are what you eat, do you know what you're eating? Whenever we step into a grocery store we're sold on images that show animals grazing pastures of grass, farmers working in the fields and the signature red barn.  What's behind the curtain of purposeful colorful packaging is that most of our meats come from factories and are heavily chemically induced with anti-biotics, hormones and carbon dioxide to artificially keep your meat looking red more often.  Vegetables, in addition to pesticides are now grown all over the world and shipped in.  Tomatoes are ripened early with ethylene gas, which degrades the fruit of it's full potential of nutrients.

A lot off the food we eat today doesn't have the vitamins and nutrients that it used to because of the way our produce, meat and poultry is grown.  Within these factory farms, it's not only the animals that get mistreated but also the workers.

What is further unsettling is that food production corporations are not forced to label where their meats are made from.  Especially with restaurant eating and such, it's hard to always know where your food comes from, but you can start by being aware and asking questions.  There's something utterly disturbing about a whole roasted chicken that is being sold for only $6, and the grocery store, provider, and factory farm still made money.

Corporations that control our agriculture industry are only about making food, bigger, faster and cheaper, it has to make you wonder if what you're in-taking is even food anymore.

For more info visit the Food inc website and check out their blog

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