Meeting Man VS Food at Phil's BBQ

Adam Richman was chowing down at Phil's BBQ yesterday for a taping of Man vs Food.  As seen on the show, he tends to visit a few different restaurants in the city and then attempts a monstrosity of food as a challenge.  What I love about the show is that his mantra is that he doesn't do it just for show, or to create some hype but he really does LOVE TO EAT and judging from his slightly robust physique, I believe it!   Like Rumor has it that prior to being at Phil's bbq, he had visited Lucha Libre the taco shop (which took over Valentines) and the Broken Yolk Cafe , which is home to to the artery clogging Broken Yolk Special. 

Their website lists this special as:
Broken Yolk Café Special (For the iron man or woman)
A dozen-egg omelet filled with mushrooms, onions, American cheese and smothered with our chili and more cheese. On the other half of a 15-inch pizza pan is a generous pile of homefries and two biscuits.
The Broken Yolk Special is Free if you eat it all within an hour.

At Phil's BBQ I kept trying to sneak a peak behind the sea of people and cameras to reveal what he was gorging on and sure enough it was a mountain of ribs!  We weren't allowed to take pictures because of course the show didn't air yet.  But since we sat nearby, I got pictures when the cameras were off, and when he was done filming. 

Towards the end, he was kind enough to stop at our table and take pictures with some fellow noms lovers!  Really cool guy and totally down to earth!

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