Perez Hilton Picking on the Young Ones of Course

In a world, especially in fashion, where everyone is trying to fit in, I always have this place in my heart for individuals who don't give two cents and are willing to step outside the box, hell outside of the planet and be or wear whatever they feel.  Tavi Gevinson is this adorable fashion blogger who started her blog at 11 and is now 13 and has a horde of readers.  In addition to being a muse to many Japanese designers, she's frequently seen wearing colorfully eccentric and expressive wear.  What I love about her blog is that she actually writes quite well and is incredibly creative and clever. 

So Perez Hilton who is known for his "not so nice" things to say, started up this pseudo fashion blog despite not really being too affluent in the fashion regime, culture and etc.  His specialty is celeb gossip. Here's the thing, I don't think you need to be an encyclopedia of couture jargon in order to have a valid opinion but I think there's an industry of people that take this art seriously and critiquing fashion is one thing, picking on kids is another. 

Perez took to his blog to slam the young Tavi and what she was wearing in the above image saying:
"You look like a confused, senile grandmother.
We hope when you finally reach the age of 21 or even 18 that you look back on this and say "What was I thinking!?" You're just a confused teenager that tries to hard. Stay in school, where you belong!"

I almost resorted to infantile slander in response to this but ultimately was left with this "really????" feeling.  Like with all the people and things to comment about, he had to slam a 13 year old girl that is daring enough to be herself and not follow the herd of sheep in jr high or high schools that are in LOVE with juicy, coach or Ed Hardy.  In exploring art and fashion, you have to go out there to find what suits best.

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