My Poor Ugly Foot

Warning photo of my injured foot may prohibit you from enjoying your coffee or lunch.  If you are brave and have an iron stomach, scroll down.  Actually I've done worst to myself and it was grosser yesterday!  I was doing an impromptu photo shoot for one of our products to design a tag and as I was moving one of the Bamboo sofas, it slipped from my fingers and landed on my foot, taking a chunk of skin with it. 

I looked down and being pressed for time, I kind of just let the blood collect so I could get the last shots.  When I finally got to cleaning it, I used gauze to soak up the blood and stop the bleeding (big mistake) because when it dried and I tried to pull it off it took more skin with it.  I haven't has bled through multiple changes of gauze and band aids in quite some time.  The thing is that the sofa didn't puncture all the way through, it's more of a horizontal lift off of skin, then a puncture wound.  

Regardless my left foot has seen so much trauma.  It's bad enough I have a scar on my ankle and now the top of my foot.  For those brave here's the uncensored image.

See not so bad huh, you can see the flap of skin that didn't get cut off at the bottom of the cut.  I won't be wearing boots for a few days, the rubbing on top by anything is a little raw, even through a bandaid.  But I have this second skin rubbery type band aid that's quite magic. 

It's quite magic, and there's no fibers or cotton pad to stick to the wound. 

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