Super Bowl XLIV (44) Finally Here

It's a bittersweet day for me, as it's almost like waiting for Christmas, but the arrival of the special day means that the season is almost over, and pretty soon my Sundays will again be missing that special something.  

I remember mid-season making my Super Bowl predictions and I said, "if my Chargers don't make it, I think it'll be the Colts vs The Saints or Vikings" and here we are, and it has fruition into reality.  I absolutely love Drew Brees as a quarterback and I can't express the sore irony in that he's playing into today's big game, and the team in which he used to play for, completely flubbed it.  I think just like a couple seasons ago, when the Chargers lost to the Patriots in the playoffs, our loss to the Jets will take me a couple more seasons to recover from. 

Calling today an exciting day is an understatement, so I bid everyone a Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! Signing off the blog for now, follow the twitter for in game reactions and thoughts.

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