Tito Ortiz Explains His Outburst to Mark Coleman

Tito Ortiz's interview on his remarks during Mark Coleman's post fight interview. (click to play)

Like most drama, there's almost always a root somewhere in which a trail can be followed back to .  Between Mark Coleman and Tito Ortiz, it first started with Coleman bailing out on their fight, then Tito calling him the uncouth version of a kitty cat.  Last night  following the main event and losing to Randy Couture by submission, Mark Coleman was giving his post fight interview, stumbling on how to explain his loss, when in the background Tito's remarks sparked an exchange of words.

The justification given was that the rude outburst was Tito's awaited payback for what Coleman's manager, Mike DiSabato said about Tito and his wife Jenna Jameson.

"The only thing Coleman is afraid of when it comes to Tito is contracting swine flu from that dirty ass d-bag. We all know where he lays his head down at night. Tito wants to get personal with a legend? OK, let's get personal -- we can all go to our porn collections and watch what Tito sleeps with night after night."
All this he said, he said theatrics leaves me to wonder if a possible match-up will be in the books, because we all know how much turmoil sells!

I still have love for Coleman and despite his insipid performance, people forget the amazing moments this man has had in both Pride and the UFC.

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