a Tale of Four Fan Friends

It's the day following the Super Bowl and I'm not going to go into an analysis of yesterday's game giving you an in depth play by play as we all watched the game.We all knew that once Manning threw that pick in the 4th quarter, pulling a Brett Favre, it was done.   

Instead I'm going to tell you a tale of four fans that week after week, have been experiencing somber Mondays, and today on this Monday is the reality of it all, there is no next Sunday, only next season.  After last night's game, one of the four, Colin messaged me saying: 

"P. and I have decided that you should be the saddest of us all, because your team (the Chargers) failed in the playoffs and your ex quarterback won the bowl."

The truth is in one way or another, all four of us are miserable for very valid reasons.  Colin's team the Cowboys (he and I have had endless arguments on why he should pick a different team but whatever, we all love our teams), completely got romped this season and I don't have the time to list all the fails.  P's team, the Vikings made it to the playoffs with arguably the best quarterback in the league and one of the best of all time, and he throws a pick in the fourth quarter, giving the Super Bowl spot to the Saints.  Chuck's team, the Colts, make it to the bowl and I'm not sure what it is about the Colts in post season, but their performance is almost always inglorious compared to their regular season conquests.  Worst of all, Manning pulls a Favre and also throws a pick in the 4th. Chuck was quite depressed last night, and rightfully so.  

Then you have me.. the die-hard Chargers fan, who is sitting on a brimstone of uncertainty as to what the team will look like next season.  It's true, I've said that there is an incredible irony that our team flubbed it and our ex quarterback won the bowl, as well deserved as it was.  

As our instant messaging conversation of rants over plays, players and various games came to a close, Colin said what everyone was probably thinking:

"Truthfully though P. and I are glad that no one's happy, because misery loves company."

I would have thought between the four of our teams (maybe not the cowboys) but one of us would have made it, but misery does love company and now we all can sigh and weep together till the next season.  

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