UFC 110 A Night of Good Times in Review


Ahh good ol sports, the type of love that make enemies and allies out of people.  Last night I was joined by old and new found allies for UFC 110.  My picks weren't as accurate as they usually are but I got quite a few, and the one that mattered most was the one that Wandy delivered with an iron fist!

When my Pride champ delivered the final blow and brought Bisping down, almost everyone at the East Village Tavern (bar side) erupted in joy. Which is expected as The Axe Murderer has a great following, and eventually people do tire of the endless trash talking and douchbaggery behavior. I was beyond on angst when Wandy almost got that submission, but that punch more than sufficed.  What surprised me most was that during the weigh ins, probably for publicity, Bisping was an instigator of tension and drama, but when the got the axe laid to his face, he found a sliver of humility in the abyss of his KO and hugged Wanderlei. 

 Perhaps the biggest stunner of the evening was the combination of punches which left the other beloved Pride Champ out on the ground.  Since Cain Velasquez's debut at UFC 99 in which his win over Cheik Kongo looked like a breeze in the park, he's been dubbed a prodigy amongst the great heavyweight giants.  Prior to Nogueira, I felt it was too early to gauge the scale the weight of his fist.  Ben Rothwell, a man known to have quite the chin and be able to take hits, felt Cain's power and now Nogueria has experienced it as well.  I was left stunned.  I'm eager and interested to see who will be up next in Cain's path.  Brock God Speed.and remember to eat your veggies kids.

In addition to the fights it was a smashing night hanging out w/ sports pals, after catching up with old ones.  I was quite disappointed that neither the corner or players club was showing the fight, so I think I found me a new place to grow my roots on fight nights.  Oh how i'm looking forward to the upcoming months, boxing, mma and tonight hockey GO TEAM CANADA!   Here are some pictures from last night's festivities.

J & D making memories since...

Dean Lister (Middleweight Champ) from Rat in a Cage. He's incredibly nice, I wonder if it's due to his training camp he's promoting or if it's because it's customary to be nice to girls :) I keed. But I do like Gonzalo's pic with him better.

Di waiting in angst and Gonzalo capturing a picture of my rings which have become quite the centerpiece for interesting conversation.  Till next time sports lovers GO CANADA!

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